$2000 ‘No Essay’ College Scholarship

So, you are looking for an easy scholarship, right? You are in the right place. This scholarship is a very easy scholarship. There are several things behind this compliment. The first thing is application process. Most of the scholarship seekers ask this question: ‘How to apply for this scholarship?’ Because most of the scholarship application process is very lengthy and complex. That is why ‘How to apply for this scholarship?’ is the most common question among scholarship seekers. But the scenario is different here. The application process is very easy of this scholarship. This is why this scholarship is considered as a easy scholarship program.

How to get a scholarship

Benefit of the Scholarship:

The benefit of this scholarship is simply prize money. The winner of this scholarship will receive a prize money of $2000. And applicant can re-apply after a year. There is no limitation in application. If an applicant is not selected, he/she can apply again.

  • $2000 prize money

Eligibility and Requirements:

Its an easy scholarship. So there is no strict requirements and eligibility. To be eligible for this scholarship, all you need is to be a student and have a plan to study for next 1 year. No matter where you are attending your education, you are eligible. Whether it is a college education, online education or university education, it doesn’t matter. As long as you are attending any education program, you eligible for this scholarship.

How to Apply:

The application process is real simple. Go to the website of this scholarship and open an account. Then apply.

  1. Use the link and go to the ‘Apply Here’ page : https://colleges.niche.com/scholarship/apply.aspx
  2. Now register an account
  3. Log in to your account and apply for the scholarship