World Citizen Talent Scholarship

Description: The Hague University looks to offer potential students this lucrative scholarship opportunity for their bachellors degrees.


Scholarship Provider: The Hague University of Applied Sciences


Area of Study: Eligible Bachelor’s Programme offered at the Hague University, Netherlands


Benefits of this Scholarship:

  • Each students who will be eligible for this scholarship will receive €5000 grants.


Eligibility: In order to be eligible for this particular scholarship the students should match the following criteria:

  • Should not be from any European Union countries
  • They are not from Iceland, Norway, Leichestein, Switzerland or Suriname.
  • This is your first time enrollment at the Hague University and have not studied any one of the programme offered by the university before this.
  • The student is a first year student studying for one of the bachelor’s programme.
  • The students must pay the full institutional fee rate.
  • This particular scholarship scheme has not been used before by the student.
  • You have been offered at least a conditional offer to study at Hague University

How to Apply: In order to apply for the scholarship do the following listed below :

  • Apply for the Bachelor’s programme of your choice
  • Write an essay following the guidelines of the essay requirements.
  • Submit the essay along with the scholarship application form within the due date.

For more information, visit the follwing website :


  • Postal Address; Postbus 13336, 2501 EH The Hague
  • Delivery Address: Stamkarplein 40, 2521 EP The Hague
  • Phone Number: +31(0)70-4458888
  • Fax Number: +31(0)70- 4458825