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UW Young Alumni Club Scholarship

In higher studies, talents, academic excellence and merit are the things, which are main concern. Education cost is not that noticeable thing. But it is true that whenever any student want to go abroad to achieve his/her degree in higher education, education cost comes into mind first. It is absolutely normal. Because the estimated cost of higher education in US is really very high. But from other perspective, it’s not that high. No matter how high the education cost is, if student doesn’t have to spend a penny as education cost, do the high tuition fees matter? Of course not. Almost every university of US offers scholarship opportunities for meritorious students. University of Washington Alumni Club Scholarship is one of these hundreds of scholarship opportunities.

University of Washington Alumni Club Scholarship is a scholarship scheme organized by the Alumni Club of University of Washington. Every year a number of students get this scholarship. This scholarship is only for the students of this university. Students from any department can fight for this scholarship. Bachelor degree students, master’s degree students or honors students, any student can apply for this scholarship.

Value of the Scholarship:

Actually the value of a scholarship is not measurable. It brings great honor and respects. However, we consider prize money as the value of a scholarship. From this perspective, the value of this scholarship is $1200 per year.

Who Can Apply:

Undergraduate students, graduate students can apply for this scholarship. PhD students are not allowed to apply for this scholarship. Students from all discipline can apply. However, the student must be a student of University of Washington. Students of M.Phil cannot apply for this scholarship. So we can conclude shortly-

  1. Undergraduate students
  2. Graduate students
  3. Bachelor Degree Students (BS)
  4. Master’s Degree Students (MS)
  5. Honors Students

can apply for this scholarship.

Application Process and Requirements:

Like every scholarship opportunity, University of Washington Alumni Club Scholarship applicants must fulfill some requirements before applying. Students from every department (BSc, MSc, Honors, BBA, MBA) have to fulfill their own requirements. Once the requirements are fulfilled, students can proceed to application process.

Requirement and Application Process of UW Young Alumni Club Scholarship

The requirements to apply for University of Washington Young Alumni Club is very simple. First of all, student must get enrolled in this university. Therefore becoming a student of this university is the first requirements. The second requirements is you must apply for the scholarship before every February 28 of a year. These are the only two requirements.

To be eligible for the scholarship, students must fulfill the requirements:

  1. Undergraduate or Graduate Students. PhD and M.Phil students are not eligible
  2. Applicant must be in need of financial support
  3.  Student must fill FAFSA before February 28 of year.

If students meet the requirements, then they are allowed to apply for the scholarship.

Application Process:

The application process is simple. There is no different application process for student of different departments or levels like BSc, MSc, M.Phil etc.

  1. First, apply for a financial aid from the financial aid department of the university
  2. Then, fill up the FAFSA. Here is the link to go to FAFSA : Fill Up FAFSA
  3. Submit the FAFSA form in the financial aid department.

That’s it. This is how to apply for this scholarship.

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