Scholarship in University of Toronto

University of Toronto was established in 1827. This university is a public research university of Canada, located in Toronto. This university is considered as the best university of Canada. In 2014 university world ranking, this university was at Rank 20th position. The campus of University of Toronto is very large covering total 71 acres of land. Amount of students is also high. About 35,000 undergraduate students and 15000 post graduate students are regular student of this university. University of Toronto is a very student friendly university. Although it is one of the top ranked universities of the world, they provide a huge amount of financial aid to help and support the students.

Scholarship of University of Toronto:

University of Toronto always welcome the extra-ordinary students. This university is one of the top ranked universities not only because of the resources and highly qualified and professional faculties but also because of the talented active and extra-ordinary students of this university. Although the education cost of University of Toronto is high, for students who deserve, the education cost is very low. Sometimes it is free and sometimes it is more beneficial. Students receives financial help and support from the university. There are several scholarhsip schemes of University of Toronto to help those students who need help and deserve help.

University of Toronto offers over 466 scholarships under multiple scholarship schemes. To make it easier for you to find out the appropriate scholarship that suits your need the best, we have prepared a scholarship list. From there you can click on the name of the scholarship and apply for those scholarship directly.

List of Scholarship

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Use the links above to browse the scholarships one by one or to get the list of all of the scholarships offered from University of Toronto and apply for the scholarship you like.

Admission Process of University of Toronto:

If you are a student and trying to get admitted in the top ranked universities of the world, the of course you’ve heard about the University of Toronto. As one of the top ranked universities of the world, the admission requirements of this university is very high. Students with very good academic background and skills and outstanding achievements are selected by the admission board of University of Toronto. To get admitted in University of Toronto, there are several tasks that you must complete.

Admission process of University of Toronto,Canada starts by applying in the university for admission. First of all, you need to go to the website of the University of Toronto,Canada. From the website, you have to click on the admission tab. Once you’ve click on the admission tab, a new page will show up. There you’ll be asked several questions. Simply answer those questions. That’s it. All necessary information will be provided. To the admission process easier, here is a set of step by step instruction:

  1. Go to the university website. The link is here : University Website
  2. Now click on the ‘Admission’ tab. This link will redirect you to admission tab : Admission Tab
  3. A question will appear- ‘Who are you?’ – Answer this question.
  4. More questions like this will appear. Answer all those questions.
  5. Whether you are eligible, what you need to get admitted and others information will be provided.

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