University of Chicago was established in 1890. It is a private non-profit organization. In national ranking of United States this university is in 8th position. It is also in the top rank in world university ranking. That is why it is extremely difficult to get admitted here. Last year the acceptance rate of University of Chicago was only 8%. Can you imagine! Out of 100 students , only 8 can get admitted. Rest of the 92 students are rejected. Yes, getting admitted in University of Chicago is this much competitive. At present there are around 16,000 students studying in University of Chicago. There are around 15,000 administrative staffs and 2000 academic staffs. If you want to study in University of Chicago, you have to earn and show enough competencies. However, if you can get admitted in this university, it will be an amazing opportunity for you.

Education Cost of University of Chicago

The average annual cost of attendance of University of Chicago was $75,735 last year. This cost includes tuition fee, books and supplies, other fees, room and other expenses. Including all of these expenses, the overcall cost of attendance of University of Chicago per year is $75,735. The following table summarizes the education cost (annual) of University of Chicago.

Tuition $53,292
Books and Supplies $1,800
Other Fees $2,742
Room and Board $15,726
Other Expenses Budget $2,175

Scholarship in University of Chicago

A scholarship always makes it easy for a student to complete his education program easily. However, earning the scholarship itself is not easy. As a matter of fact it is very difficult. Because it s competition of meritorious students. And only the best students survive here. However, there are exceptions. Sometimes scholarship are awarded to students from ethnic society, underdeveloped nations and those never compromised to aim for higher education. Actually there are many criteria those determine the scholarship. So, it is better to look at the scholarships individually instead of talking as whole. Because different scholarship may target different category of students. To apply for Scholarship in University of Chicago use the options below:

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