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University of British Columbia is considered as the second best university of Canada. This university is located in British Columbia of Canada. It was established in 1908. It is a public university. The area of the campus of University of British Columbia is around 6 Square Km. With this large campus, this university has all short of facilities a university should possess. However, this university doesn’t provide online education opportunities. Enrolled students enjoy hundreds of online education facilities. But online classes are not among them. It is mainly a research university not an online university. So, if you are interested to study in this university, you must move to Canada and stay there to study in University of British Columbia.
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University of British Columbia is one of the top ranked universities of the world. So, it is not unexpected that the cost will be very high. And it is. Education cost in University of British Columbia is not low. If you want to be a student of University of British Columbia, you have to pay a lot of money. The education cost of this university depends on education degree program. Some education degree program cost $20,000 a year. Another education degree program may cost $25,000 a year. And education cost also varies depending on nationality. Canadian students can study in this university with a very little cost. But the education cost of International students is very high.

If the education cost of University of British Columbia (UBC) is beyond your ability, do not let financial difficulty be an impediment in achieving your dream. Apply for scholarships in University of British Columbia and earn your degree free of cost. There are 571 different scholarship opportunities those can help you here. These scholarships are offered under multiple scholarships schemes. The number of total scholarship varies depending on many factors. However, on an average the number never fall below 571.

High education cost may upset you. But don’t be upset. There are lot of scholarship opportunities for both national and international students in University of British Columbia. Full tuition fee scholarship, living allowance scholarship, direct prize money scholarship and others financial support as well as grants are available in University of British Columbia.

Quick Review:

  • Established: 1908
  • University Location: Vancouver, Okanagan
  • Motto:It is Yours It is up to you
  • Endowment: CAD$1.8 billion
  • Administrative staff: 9250 (Vancouver) 606 (Okanagan)
  • Students: 61,113
  • Undergraduates: 42,986 (Vancouver) 7,668 (Okanagan)
  • Postgraduates: 9,735 (Vancouver) 724 (Okanagan)
  • International Students: 25%

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