Undergraduate Admission Process of Harvard University

The admission process of Harvard University is a series of processes. Almost every students become confused about the admission process. Here the admission procedure is described properly and in a user friendly manner so that you can understand the admission procedure properly.

The application process starts with the application form download part. Then you need to fill up the form and collect the required supplements with it. Once you are done, submit the application form. In a short-cut way, this is how the admission process of Harvard University is.

Harvard University requires different requirements for different kind of students. There are three kinds of undergraduate students. They are:

  1. [intlink id=”146″ type=”post”]Freshman Applicant[/intlink]

  2. [intlink id=”149″ type=”post”]Transfer Applicant[/intlink]

  3. [intlink id=”152″ type=”post”]Visiting Applicant[/intlink]

Freshman applicant are those students who have completed their high school or equivalent education and interested to get admitted in Harvard as undergraduate students.

Transfer students are those who are currently enrolled in undergraduate program and want to continue their education in Harvard.

Those who will not be permanent in Harvard but are willing to do some undergraduate courses are visiting students.

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