You are currently viewing Top 6 Scholarships in US, UK, Canada, Netherlands of 2018

Top 6 Scholarships in US, UK, Canada, Netherlands of 2018

Higher study in United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Canada is not only prestigious but also  beneficial. Job market is extremely flexible for those who graduate from well-known universities of these countries. However, education cost is a fact. The cost of education in these countries is very high. Most of the students of middle class family can’t afford it. As a result scholarship plays an important role in their education. Here are top 6 scholarships to apply before November ends.

Gates Cambridge Scholarships (Scholarship in UK) – Click Here


British Chevening Scholarships (Scholarship in UK) – Click Here


Leiden University Excellence Scholarships (Scholarship in Netherlands) -Click Here


UBC International Leader of Tomorrow Award (Scholarship in Canada) – Click Here


Emerging Global Leader Scholarship of American University (Scholarship in United States) – Click Here


Hubert Humphrey Fellowships in USA for International Students (Scholarship in United States) – Click Here

Click on the name of the scholarship to learn details about them. You will find deadline, application process, benefits, short description and all other related information about these scholarship there.


Do not lose hope if you fail to achieve one of these scholarships. Scholarships is necessary to save money. In some cases, it is essential. However, if someone start online education degree program, he may be able to continue education without scholarship. Online education degree doesn’t require many things. A computer and an internet connection is enough. Living cost of travel cost to abroad to earn a degree from USA, UK, Australia or Canada may be saved to pay the tuition fee of online education system. One way or another, your certificate will come form reputed universities of USA, Australia, UK or Canada. Online education may be a good idea or bad. However, online education and earn a degree by online education program is still an idea. Could be bad or good. Some of the online education degree program are really good. If one can earn his degree from best online college for degree or best online university for degree, of course online education degree program would be a good education program then. Online education degree program like online business degree, online engineering degree, online criminal justice degree, online degree in education, online IT degree etc are some good online degree if one can earn them from some good online college or online university. However, not all the online colleges or online university are accredited. Before getting admitted in any of the online education degree program in any online college or online university, one must have to ensure that the online college or online university is accredited online college or accredited online university.