The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarships


The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation doctoral grant in the humanities and social science fields are one of its kinds, in terms of opportunity and prestige in the country. Canadian and external applicants are conferred up to fifteen scholarships every year for pursuing research in relation with among its four founding themes. Trudeau scholars are remarkable learners who are interested in progressing in a multidisciplinary learning environment and identify and raise vital queries for Canada and the world.

Scholarship Provider:

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation


Area of Study:

Humanities and social sciences, and specifically one or more of the following areas:

  • Human Rights and Dignity
  • Responsible Citizenship
  • Canada in the World
  • People and their Natural Environment


Benefits of this Scholarship:

  • $180,000 for three years ($40,000 per year for 3 years, travel and research allowance $20,000 per year for 3years)
  • Writing or dissemination financial grant on fourth year
  • From second year onward guidance from a mentor from various aspects of Canadian public life
  • Advancement of dynamic leadership
  • Access to and facilitation from an strong community of scholars, fellows and mentors, and golden chance of communicate to eminent 350 leaders and personalities form every sector of the humanities and social sciences
  • Engagement with other researcher or scholars to interchange ideas and information, and enthusiastic to contribute in public dialogue
  • Work on interdisciplinary project other than field of own expertise, collaborating with Trudeau mentors, fellows and scholars
  • Sharing innovative ideas at programs arranged by or in association with the foundation
  • Other Highlights:
    • 208 applicants were taken in consideration in 2016 among all applications.
    • Universities submit up to eight of their top files received
    • Conferred of total 15 scholarships in 2016
    • Since the foundation’s commencement 202 scholars got financial grant
    • Till date the foundation has received 2,426 nominations



  • A full-time student of first or second year (or in process of enrollment), who enlisted in a doctoral program in humanities and social sciences
  • Having Canadian citizenship or permanent residency and enrolled in a full time doctoral program in Canada, or away from Canada (only for Canadian citizens)
  • One in four scholarsevery year might be a non Canadian citizen (foreign national) enrolled in a full-time doctoral program at a Canadian institution. This is specifically applicable for scholars from developing countries


How to Apply:


Nomination Process:

  • Pursuing doctoral program in desired institution or currently studying, it is perquisite for applicants to be chosen by the Canadian or foreign institution.
  • Universities can choose a candidate, who is already enrolled at any university pursuing doctoral studies, from their institutions for the doctoral program.


Selection process

Trudeau scholars go through strict process of screening as follows-

  • Selection committee evaluates all the applications and before final an online interview might take place in the process.
  • Near 30 applicants get invitation for the final interview at the Foundation Offices in Montreal
  • Fifteen candidates suggestion goes to Application and Review committee and finally forward it to board for approval then


Evaluation criteria

  • Academic excellence
  • Proficient in communication
  • Public Engagement
  • Public dialogue interest and share knowledge
  • Intend to get connected with researched and scholars community
  • Thematic relevance of the doctoral research


Key Dates

  • 1st September Scholar Competition opens
  • Internal university deadlines for submission of files in Fall
  • 9th December, Foundation deadline for receiving files from universities
  • Notification of semi-finalists in early February every year
  • Every year in early March finalists invited for interviews
  • Interviews with finalists in Montréal in mid March
  • Notification of selected candidates in Late April
  • Mandatory participation in the Foundation’s Summer Institute in mid May
  • Official announcement of scholars in early June



Josée St-Martin

Program Director, Doctoral Scholarships

Telephone- 514 938-0001, extension 230 (general questions) (technical questions)