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Continuing and Convocating Award of University of Alberta,Canada

There are several scholarships in this scheme. They are: Continuing Academic Scholarships Continuing Leadership Scholarships/Awards Top Convocating Scholarships Faculty/Department Selected Awards Summer Research Travel Awards Amount: The amount of these scholarships vary from one to another. The amount range is...

Entrance Scholarship of University of Alberta

Entrance Scholarship University of Alberta is a scholarhsip scheme where there are 9 different scholarships. They are: Academic Excellence Scholarship Competition Scholastic Distinction Entrance Leadership Scholarship Competition Schulich Leader Scholarships These are the Entrance scholarhsip of University of Alberta. Advertisement:...

International Leader of Tomorrow Award- How to Apply

International Leader of Tomorrow Award is a scholarship award for undergraduate students. Undergraduate students who have admitted in University of British Columbia, Canada or want to get admitted in University of British Columbia, Canada can apply for this scholarship. But...

Leadership in Educational Technology Scholarships

Scholarship in Walden University
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