Sustainable Energy Development Scholarship Programme 


Are you a good student with even more outstanding endeavors? Are you the type of person who wants to make a significant impact or contribution in either the society or academically in sustainable energy? Then we provide scholarships for Masters level and Post Doctorate level. (Note we do not fund PhD programs)

Scholarship Provider:

We are a not-for-profit organization by the name of Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership whose members are the world’s leading electric companies. We provide scholarship to any university as long as the program is sustainable energy development.

Area of Study:

If you want to attain this scholarship then you must pursue a degree in any fields that is associated with sustainable energy development.

Benefits of this Scholarship:

  • We will provide an accumulated amount of $46,000 over a 2 years for Masters degree
  • Similarly we will provide $60,000 over 2 years in any Post Doctoral degree students.
  • We will provide a total of 10 Masters Scholarships and 2 Post Doctoral scholarships. If you are one of them be sure we have selected only the most outstanding students among thousands of students.
  • If you are a from a developing nation then you have a higher percentage of attaining this scholarship.


  • The candidate must plan to do a Masters Degree or a Post Doctoral degree in any course that directly correlates to sustainable energy development.
  • The DAC has listed several developing countries in their website below. You must be a citizen of one of those nations.

In order for us to consider you to be an outstanding student you must

  • Be in the top 20% in your class
  • Must have the positive ambition of advancing his or her knowledge in order to give back to the society
  • Have contributed to the society already previously such as volunteer work etc.
  • Show commitment towards sustainable energy
  • And finally must consider coming back to their home country and contribute to his/her country

How to apply:

You must also upload all the necessary documents in this website

  1. a. Passport or Birth certificate
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Copies of transcripts
  4. Admission or Deferral Letter
  5. Program Outline
  6. Academic Reference Form
  7. Personal Reference
  8. Applicant’s Statement Form
  • Please note that application via email or mail will no longer be entertained
  • Application deadline is March 4th of every year


  • Address: 505 de Maisonneuve Blvd. W, Suite 001, Lobby Montréal (Québec) Canada  H3A 3C2