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Student Population 29,908
Global Rank 1
 Location Cambridge, Massachusetts
School Type Private 4 Year

Harvard University, the oldest university of United States of America and also one of the world’s most prestigious universities. It was established in 1636, around 390 years ago. A clergymen John Harvard took the first initiative to establish an institute of higher learning and his effort has yielded Harvard University. At the early stage, Congregational and Unitarian Clergy was the main subject of this university. The curriculum as well as the students and teachers started being secularized during 18th century. By 19th century, Harvard University became the center of cultural establishment among Boston cities. During the regime of Charles W. Eliot, the Harvard University transformed into a modern research university. Since then through many reformation, upgradation and constant development, have made the Harvard University the rank 1 university of the world. Not only for academic excellence, best faculty members and world-wide reputation, Harvard University is famous for financial aid and scholarships as well. Scholarship in Harvard University for international students is one of the major attraction of this university. Harvard University scholarship is also available for domestic students.

Size Large
Profit Status Non-profit
On campus housing Yes
Degrees Offered Undergrad/Graduate

There are eleven academic units in Harvard University. Out of these 10 are faculties and one is Radcliffe institute for Advanced Study. The main campus of Harvard University is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States of America. The campus has been built on 208 acres of land. The Harvard Business School and athletics facilities, the stadium are located across the Charles River. The Harvard Medical School, Dental School and Public Health Schools are located at Longwood Medical Area. The total endowment of Harvard University worth $37.1 billion. It is the highest endowment for any academic institution. Harvard University is a residential university. The cost of attendance of this university is very high, in general beyond the capability of middle class mid income level students. However the endowment of this university enables Harvard University to offer extensive financial aid and scholarship. Whoever need financial aid in Harvard University, receives some sort of financial aid and scholarship.

One of the most famous part of Harvard University is the Harvard Library. It is the world’s largest academic library system. And Harvard Library is also the world’s largest private library system. In this system there are 79 individual libraries including more than 18 million academic items. The alumni profile of Harvard University is one of the best of the world. So far 8 presidents of United States are Harvard Alumni. At present there are 62 billionaires who are Harvard alumni. Till 2017 there are 157 Nobel laureates, 18 Filed Medalists are from Harvard University. There are 259 Rhodes Scholars, 242 Marshal Scholars so far have been enlisted as alumni of Harvard University. Moreover, Harvard Students and Alumni has won 10 Academic Awards, 108 Olympic medals and 48 Pulitzer Prizes.


Anyone needs financial aid, gets financial aid in Harvard University. Because most of the scholarship programs of Harvard University is need based. There are more than 52 different scholarship programs (both internal and external) here. If a student cannot afford the tuition fee but can demonstrate academic excellence, he will receive scholarship and financial aid from Harvard – the condition is as simple as this. However, students need to apply for scholarship in Harvard University in proper way. And is here to guide you so that you can apply for scholarship in Harvard University easily. Use the button below to apply for scholarship in Harvard University.

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Admission Requirement

Admission Standards: Elite

Harvard University is the top university of the world. It is not easy to get in Harvard. Students with outstanding academic background and talents can make their way to Harvard University. In this section, the admission requirements of Harvard University have been highlighted. Here is the admission requirement of Harvard University at a glance. To get the details admission requirement of Harvard University, use the button located at the bottom of this section. 

SAT 1480/1600
ACT 32/35
GPA 4.04
Applications Accepted: 5.4%
Applications Due Jan 1
Applicant Competition Extreme

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Cost of Education

Tuition: $44,990

The avergae cost per year in Harvard University is $69,600. This cost has been calculated by taking the average of tuition fee of last 5 years. This is an estimated cost of education in Harvard University. The tuition fee and other costs change time to time. As a result there could be little deviation from the estimated cost calculated here.

Books and Supplies $1,000
Other Fees $3,959
Room and Board $16,660
Budget for Other Expenses $2,991
Total One Year Cost $69,600

Details Tuition Fee

Average Income of Graduates

Average Salary After 10 Years: $136,700 per yearBachelor’s Degree Graduation Rate: 97% within 6 years Harvard University graduates earn very handsome amount. On an average the early income of a Harvard University graduate is $136,700 after 10 years. To know more about the average income of Harvard graduates, use the button below.

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Popular Field of Study

The most popular field of study of Harvard University is Social Science. From the list below, you can see the percentage of class of Social Science is 32%. 

Subject Percent of Class
Social Sciences 32%
Biology 12%
Liberal Arts and Humanities 9%
History 9%
Mathematics 6%

All Courses

Student Profile

Diversity: Very High

The white race dominates the Harvard University. 44% of the total students are white. On the other hand only 6% students are black people. And Asian students dominates the international students domain. 19% if the total Harvard University students are from Asia. However, the actual percentage of international students in Harvard University is 11%.

White 44%
Black 6%
Hispanic 10%
Asian 19%
American Indian / Alaskan 0%
Hawaiian / Pacific Islander 0%
Two or more races 6%
International 11%
Race Unknown 3%

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