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Student Profile of Penn State University

The number of undergraduate students is higher than graduate students in Penn State University. And the cultural diversity of Penn State University is really impressive. Students from all over the world come here in Penn State University to attend higher studies. There is no racism in Penn State University and any occurrence about racism has never been recorded in Penn State University. Most of the students of Penn State University graduates in time. Graduates of Penn State University are preferred by employers in job market. On an average the yearly salary of Penn State University graduates are very high in both USA and rest of the world.

Student Body
Coeducational Yes
All Undergraduates 41,359
Women 19,214 (46.5%)
Men 22,145 (53.5%)
Full-Time Undergraduates 40,139 
International Students 11.4% from 117 countries
Average Age 20
All Graduate Students 6,430
Undergraduate Retention and Graduation
First-Year Students Returning 93.2%
Students Graduating
Within 4 Years
Students Graduating
Within 5 Years
Students Graduating
Within 6 Years
After Graduation
Graduates Offered Full-Time
Employment Within 6 Months
 Average Starting Salary $57,270 per year
Graduates Pursuing
Advanced Study Directly
Disciplines Pursued Not reported

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