Shih Chun and Mamie Kwoh Wang Endowed Scholarship

Shin Chun and Maime Kwoh Wang Endowed Scholarship is a schoalrhsip program of University of Washington for those who possess heavy knowledge about the Asian culture. Whether it is leant by experience or by studying, it doesn’t matter. If student possess enough knowledge about Asian culture, he/she can participate in this scholarship program. But BSc students are not eligible. MSc students are not eligible too. Because this scholarship is limited to Honors students only. Students who are currently enrolled in M.Phil or PhD program cannot try for this scholarship program. Only new enrolled college Honors students can participate.

Value of the Scholarship:

The value of this Honors scholarship is $2000. The prize money is not very high. But the number of scholarship awarded every year is high. Lots of students achieve this scholarship every year.


  1. Student must be a Honors student
  2. Must possess enough knowledge about Asian Culture
  3. These are the eligibility for this scholarship program

How to Apply:

This is a scholarship scheme only for Honors students. The application process is also like others honors scholarship application process. Click on the link below to apply for this scholarship:

Scholarship Application


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