Schulic Leader Scholarship

Schulic Leader Scholarship is for Canadian Students. It was organized by a business man name Schulic. The purpose of this scholarship is to help those studded who are the leader of future and who will lead the Canadian Nation in future. This scholarship is awarded to those who are admitted to study Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics in University of British Columbia.

Scholarship in Canada


To be eligible, applicant must be

  1. Canadian Citizen or permanent resident of Canada
  2. Must have graduated from nay of Canadian High School
  3. Nominated by the school
  4. Outstanding academic achievement or leadership power or financial need

Benefit of the Scholarship:

Schulz Scholarship is a very valuable scholarship. The duration of this scholarship is four years. Sometimes it may take more than 4 years ot complete undergraduate education degree program and earn undergraduate degree. However, the maximum extended duration of this scholarship is 4 years. Each year $20,000 is awarded to the students who achieve this scholarship.

  • $80,000 in 4 academic years

How to Apply:

The application process is fully depended on the high school from where the applicant have become high school graduate. If the school chooses the applicant as a nominee of the scholarship, then and only then and interested student can apply for this scholarship,

  1. Contact with your high school and let them know that you want to try for Schulic Scholarship
  2. If your school choose you as a nominee, with valid confirmation provided by the school contact with the Schulic Scholarship committee using the link : Schulich Leader Scholarships


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