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Scholarship in Canada

Canada is a very student friendly country. Every year thousands of student from all around the world come to Canada to study. Canada has several world’s top ranked universities. There are numerous universities of Canada which are within top 500 universities in world ranking. When you plan to study in Canada, there is no tension about the quality of education. However, tuition fee may be a challenge. But Canadian universities offer hundreds of scholarship every year. In this section of we will show you the scholarship offered by top universities of Canada. Here you will find step by step procedure to apply for these scholarships. Anything you need to know about the scholarship of different Canadian universities is here.

  1. University of Toronto (Scholarship)
  2. University of British Columbia (Scholarship)
  3. University of Alberta (Scholarship)
  4. McGill University (Scholarship)

Click on the name of the universities to learn about the scholarship opportunities of that university. The amount of scholarship, application process, eligibility criteria and anything you need to know has been described here.


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