Scholarship of University of Toronto – U of T Scholars Program

University of Toronto is known as U of T. U of T Scholars program is a scholarship scheme of University of Toronto. This university is the best university of Canada. To hold the best position and spread its name and fame, this university is very strict while admitting new students. They select the best quality students for admission in University of Toronto. That is why getting admitted in University of Toronto is very difficult. Student have to score very high in admission test if he/she wishes to earn a place here. And that is why University of Toronto organizes U of T Scholars Program to welcome the newly enrolled students. Top scorers of the admission test are selected for this scholarship. The number of scholarship is not specific. And the score to beat to achieve the scholarhsip is not specific too.

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Amount of the Scholarship:

U of T Scholars Program is a scholarship which is awarded based on the admission test. This is an one time scholarship award and paid in cash. The amount is not very high. However, as an university entrance scholarhsip money, the amount is not bad.

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Am I Eligible?

Whatever the amount is, if you are not eligible, then the prize money doesn’t matter. Does it? The eligibility for this scholarhsip is not very high. University Scholarship Committee seems to make this scholarship open for all. That is why the eligibility for this scholarhsip is very simple.

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How to Apply:

Application process of this scholarhsip is not complex at all. It would be really great if all the scholarhsip application process would be like this one. There are no complex and clumsy procedure to follow to apply for this scholarship.

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