Scholarship of University of Toronto – National Scholarship Program

National Scholarship Program is a scholarship scheme of University of Toronto, Canada. The name of this scholarhsip is National Scholarship, which suggests this scholarhsip is limited to national students only. International students are not welcomed for this scholarhsip program to compete. National Scholarship Program has two parts. One is only book scholarhsip and other is tuition fee scholarhsip with prize money award. Winners of the first part of the scholarhsip is eligible for the second part. Once an applicant is selected for the National Book Scholarship, then he/she can apply for National Scholarship Program which covers full tuition fees.

Scholarhsip in Canada

Amount of this Scholarship:

National Scholarship program is a combined scholarship program. There are two parts of this scholarhsip. So the amount of this scholarhsip is high. That is why it is one of the most attractive scholarhsip schemes of University of Toronto, Canada. Winner of this scholarhsip will get not only all the books necessary, but also prize money instantly. And there are full free tuition fees are obvious……

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Am I Eligible?

The benefits of this scholarhsip is really attractive. But the question whether you are eligible for this scholarhsip or not. To be considered as eligible for this scholarhsip, there are several criteria that a student must possess. Once a student possess all the requirements, then he/she is considered as eligible.

Check Whether You are Eligible or Not

How to Apply:

Once a scholarship seeker finds that he/she is eligible for a scholarhsip, the question rises is how to apply. Like most of the scholarhsip application process, this scholarhsip application process is complex. Applicant have to complete several tasks and do them perfectly to complete the application process. To get the step by step application process section, click on the link below.

Step by Step Application Process

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