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Posse Scholarship

Posse Scholarship is a scholarship award program of University of California, Berkeley. This scholarship award is awarded to those students who have completed high school and willing or trying to get admitted in University of California, Berkeley. This award makes the student life in university very flexible and easy. Because of its wide range of benefit, hundreds of students apply for it. Those who want to get a scholarship in USA, it could be a very good choice. However, competition for this scholarship is very high. So, before applying, applicant should be aware of the competition level and make himself/herself prepare for this award.

Benefits of Posse Scholarship:

Among the scholarships in USA,it  is one of the most desired one. The reason behind this is the benefits and opportunities of this award. Usually, living and education in US is expensive. Most of the university has average around $45,000 tuition fees. A student with no family support or a student from outside of US can’t bear this high cost. Posse scholarship can make him able to bear it. This is the benefit of this award

  1. Full tuition scholarship for 4 years undergraduate program
  2. Help, Support, Suggestion and mentoring in Graduate Admission
  3. Financial Aid for living if necessary
  4. Academic staffs like books, pens, software provided for free
  5. Job opportunity as Senior Officer at University of California, Berkeley.

All this benefits has made this award as one of the most valuable scholarship in US. If any student can achieve this, he/she doesn’t have to worry about his/her higher education anymore.


Students are selected for Posse Scholarship program from public high schools based on several things. Those who have potential to better for society, possess leadership power and excellent in academic activities are selected by the Posse Foundation for this award.

  1. It is for students of University of California, Berkeley
  2. Applicant must have completed high school from some public high school
  3. Applicant must possess leadership power
  4. Must show outstanding academic achievement

If any student meets this criteria, Posse Foundation might select him/her for this program.

How to Apply:

Eligible students, who are eager to achieve this opportunity, have to contact with Posse Foundation. As Posse Foundation selects lots of students and choose several student from them to awarded with it, applicant must get their attention.

The process of applying for this scholarship is

  1. Go to the website of Posse Foundation. Use this link to go to the website :
  2. Register and account with Posse Foundation
  3. Now properly describe yourself in your profile and show them you need a scholarship

That’s it. You’ll be in touch with the Posse Foundation. If they select you, they will contact with you through your profile. Hope, Posse Foundation will select you and you’ll have a real flexible and comfortable student life.

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