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Equity Scholarship

Equity scholarship started from 2008. The purpose of this award is to increase the ratio of students living in California who have come from others states. To make the campus of University of California, Berkeley, this award starts its journey. Every year around 15-20 students are selected for the award. But the competition for this scholarship is very high. There are reasons behind this. Because of huge amount of prize money and other opportunities, hundreds of students try for this opportunity. As it is a merit based scholarship, students try their best to show their merit and the competition becomes more difficult.

Benefits of the Equity Scholarship:

Winners of this Equity scholarship enjoy a total tension free student life. The prize money is enough for four year undergraduate education program. The selected students receives $20,000 for 4 years. Each years $5000 are awarded. And there are others opportunities available for the winners.

  • $20,000 for 4 years
  • $5000 per year


The eligibility for this scholarship are:

  1. Annual income of the family of the applicant must be less than $86000.
  2. Student must submit an admission application from in University of California, Berkeley.
  3. Student must have high school requirements of University of California,Berkeley
  4. Applicant must live in California

These are the eligibility. There are some specific requirements to continue the scholarship. However those are for after achieving the scholarship. To be selected for the award, these eligibility are enough.

How to Apply:

The application process of equity scholarship is online application process. When the award is available, the website of equity scholarship provide application form. Download the application form. Fill it up and submit. That’s all about the application process. However, don’t forget, before applying for the scholarship, you must apply for the admission in University of California, Berkeley as a undergraduate or transfer undergraduate student. There is a link below to redirect you to the application section. Click on the link to go to application section of the Equity Scholarship Committee Website.


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