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Scholarship in University Sunshine Coast

University of Sunshine Coast is also known as USC. It is a public university and was established in 1996. Since the beginning of establishment, University of Sunshine Cost is rendering a valuable service to educational sector not only by producing high quality graduates but also by helping students financially. University of Sunshine Coast awards a large number of scholarships every year. This article is about scholarship in University of Sunshine Coast. Students who want to apply for scholarship in University of Sunshine Coast will be beneficial from this scholarship information.

Scholarship in University Sunshine Coast

There are 64 different scholarship programs in University of Sunshine Coast. Under these scholarship programs, University of Sunshine Coast offers 400+ scholarships every year. These scholarships are for both national and international students. Students who want to attend bachelor degree program can apply for these scholarships. Students who have completed the bachelor degree and looking forward to getting admitted for graduate programs like Masters of Science (MSc), Masters of Business Administration (MBA), Masters of Arts (MA) or other graduate degree programs can apply for these scholarship. Scholarship is available for doctoral programs as well. There are many outstanding extraordinary researcher who has the potential to change the world through their extra-ordinary research works. Scholarship for these types of PhD candidates are also available. No matter in which level of education the student is trying to seek – bachelor degree, master’s degree of PhD degree, scholarship is available here.

To know about the details of scholarship in University of Sunshine Coast, the amount of these scholarships, eligibility and how to apply for University of Sunshine Coast scholarships, use the link below –

The number of scholarships available in University of Sunshine Coast is enough to support a large number of students. And for extra-ordinary students there is limitation in the number of scholarships in University of Sunshine Coast.

Academic Programs of University of Sunshine Coast

University of Sunshine Coast has the following faculties. All academic programs are offered under the following faculties:

  • Faculty of Arts and Business
    • School of Business
    • School of Communication
    • School of Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Science, Health, Education and Engineering
    • School of Health and Sport Sciences
    • School of Nursing and Midwifery
    • School of Science, Education and Engineering

The University Council is the governing body with the chancellor presiding over council meetings. The council has 19 members including the chancellor drawn from the university staff, student body and wider community.

The academic board is the university’s senior academic body. It advises the council concerning teaching, scholarship and research matters, formulates proposals for the academic policies of the university, monitors the academic activities of the university’s faculties, and promotes and encourages scholarship and research at the university.


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