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Scholarship in University of Notre Dame, Australia

University of Notre Dame is one of the top universities of Australia. In Australian national ranking University of Notre Dame is in 35th position. In World Ranking this university is within top 500. When we talk about University of Notre Dame, a little confusion shows up because of having two reputed universities of same name in two different regions. There is another University of Notre Dame in United States of America (USA). This article is about the University of Notre Dame located in Australia. More precisely, this article is about the scholarship in University of Notre Dame, Australia. Here you will learn about the all of the scholarships of University of Notre Dame. Students who want to study get a scholarship in University of Notre Dame should read this article before taking attempts to apply for scholarships in University of Notre Dame.

Scholarship in University of Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame has 23 different scholarship program. But the number of scholarship is offered every year is more than 350. So, if you are looking forward to studying in Australia and particularly if you want to study in Australia with Scholarship, University of Notre Dame will be a very good choice. This university was established in 1989. It has campuses in Fremantle and Broome, Western Australia, Sydney and in New South Wales, Australia. University of Notre Dame is mainly a catholic university.  To apply for scholarships in University of Notre Dame, use the links provided below.

The number of scholarships available in University of Notre Dame is adequate to support a large number of students. If you are a scholarship seeker, you must keep the scholarship opportunities of University of Notre Dame in mind. To know details about the scholarships of University of Notre Dame, click on the link above.

Academic Programs of University of Notre Dame

All undergraduate students must take the Core Curriculum as part of their degree. The Core Curriculum comprises units of study in Theology, Philosophy and Ethics.

Notre Dame’s Medicine students study a unique Core unit known as Bioethics, whilst students on the Broome Campus study ‘Aboriginal People and Spirituality’ as part of their degree

The university has three campuses offering courses in the following schools:

  • School of Arts and Sciences (Broome, Fremantle and Sydney)
  • School of Business (Fremantle and Sydney)
  • School of Education (Broome, Fremantle and Sydney)
  • School of Health Sciences (Fremantle)
  • School of Law (Fremantle and Sydney)
  • School of Medicine (Fremantle and Sydney)
  • School of Nursing and Midwifery (Broome and Fremantle); School of Nursing (Sydney)
  • School of Philosophy and Theology (Broome, Fremantle and Sydney)
  • School of Physiotherapy (Fremantle)

Notre Dame’s degrees in the areas of accounting, counselling, education, human resource management, law, management, medicine, nursing and midwifery, and physiotherapy all meet accreditation requirements of the relevant state, national and/or professional bodies.

The university offers a range of undergraduate, postgraduate, research, vocational education and training (VET) and pathway courses.

  • Arts and sciences – archaeology, Aboriginal studies, behavioural science, counselling, history, journalism, politics, social justice and theatre studies
  • Business – accounting, economics, finance, marketing, public relations, sport and recreation management
  • Education – early childhood, primary and secondary
  • Health sciences (Fremantle campus only) – outdoor recreation, health promotion, exercise and sport science, health and physical education and biomedical science
  • Law
  • Medicine (postgraduate) – Doctor of Medicine, Pre-Medicine Certificate available at the Fremantle Campus
  • Nursing and Midwifery
  • Philosophy and Theology
  • Physiotherapy (Fremantle campus only) – including an online postgraduate course in burn and trauma rehabilitation
  • Pathways – alternative entry and academic enabling programs are also available
  • VET (Broome Campus only) – education, health and community services and nursing


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