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People around the world who speaks English as first language or second language or both like to call it University of Montreal. However, the actual name is Université de Montréal. The reason behind such kind of naming is French is one of the two first languages of Canada and this name has been named in French. Whatever we call it either University of Montreal or Université de Montréal one thing remains the same. That is it is one of the top universities of Canada. It is located in Quebec, Canada – a public research university. University of Montreal has three faculties. Under these three faculties there are more than sixty departments. There are also two affiliate schools here in Université de Montréal. These affiliate schools are Polytechnique Montréal and HEC Montréal. Every year, Université de Montréal offers around 650 undergraduate programs. The number of graduate programs offered by this university around 70.

Université de Montréal was established in 1878. At present there are around 35,000 undergraduate students attending bachelor degree programs. The number of graduate students are around 12,000. The alumni profile of University of Montreal is very high. Many of the alumni are serving in top government officials, many of them are renowned CEO of different organization, business and academic leaders, scientists and in many other fields the University of Montreal graduates are seen. In recent world university ranking Université de Montréal was ranked 122. In Canadian national university ranking it is in 5th position. In 2013 this university was rank within Canada’s 3rd research universities. In that year the fund for research allocated was $526,213,000. This huge amount of fund was awarded as scholarship and other research cost. The average research funding allocated to each faculty is $280,000 per year. This huge amount of research fund enables this university invent and innovate.

The higher education accreditation organization of Taiwan named The Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan (HEEACT) evaluates universities based on scientific research paper. In last year, they ranked Université de Montréal 101st in the world from research papers’ performance evaluation. In life science topic, the university was ranked 81st in the world and 61 in Canada. The Higher Education Strategy Associates of Canada ranks universities based on research strength. Université de Montréal was ranked 6 in Canada for outstanding research in social science and engineering. In Times Higher Education World University Ranking Université de Montréal was ranked 90th in the world. They put this university in 5th position in Canada. Another reputed university ranking organization QS World Ranking ranked Université de Montréal 149th among 30,000 universities of the world. According to them this university is 6th university of Canada. In 2011 Forbes ranked the 1 year MBA program of Université de Montréal as the world’s best 1 year MBA program.

Including the reputation, ranking, education cost and research University of Montreal is undoubtedly one of the top universities of the world. As Canada is the first choice to attend higher studies for thousands of students around the world, Université de Montréal is a good choice to get admitted. Getting admitted in Université de Montréal is not easy. Interested students have to complete with thousands of students from all over the world to take admission in this university. At the same time, the education cost is a fact. Many deserving students won’t be able to get admitted because of the education cost despite of having the competence of getting admitted. In order to help this students and also facilitate world class research University of Montreal awards more than 649 scholarships every year. To apply for scholarship in University of Montreal use the link below:

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To apply for scholarship in University of Montreal tap the link given above. It will lead you to the list of scholarship. From there you can see the summary of the scholarship which will help you making decision. Once you have decided which scholarship you will apply, click on the name of that scholarship and the description, application process, eligibility and application link will appear. Click on the ‘Apply’ button and that’s it. You will be redirected to application page. University of Montreal offers scholarship for both national and international students and all level of education. Such it offers scholarship for undergraduate students. Students start their university with undergraduate program. Université de Montréal welcomes her students with merit scholarship, undergraduate scholarship, prestigious scholarship and many more. For graduate students the scholarship is mostly awarded for research. However, leadership and creativity also pay a role here. Students looking for MBA scholarship have opportunities here as well. Université de Montréal has a several attractive MBA scholarships for both national and international students. The most preferred level of study to get scholarship in Université de Montréal is PhD studies. Université de Montréal is a research university and has reputation worldwide for research. If a student can prove research potential it is for sure that he will get a scholarship in Université de Montréal.

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