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Scholarship in Monash University (Rank 6)

Monash University is an Australian public research university. It was established in 1958. Monash University won some unique quality in 2016. Monash University is in top 10% in research in 2016. The outlook of the university to international students is among top 10%. This university is in top 20% for teaching excellence. And the most attractive thing is, there are more than 500 CEOs of different international organisation who are from Monash University. Not only this, Monash University is the holds the place of maximum research ongoing in Australia. It is connected with many national and international research organization. Considering overall, Monash University is one of the best choices for students who are about start their higher studies. There are around 45,000 undergraduate and 8000 graduate students. Among them around 18,000 students of undergraduate scheme are international. The number of international students doing gradate courses are 4,000.

Scholarship of Monash University:

Every year Monash University spends a huge amount on scholarship, financial aid and grants. Both National and International students enjoy scholarship and grant opportunities in Monash University. They offer scholarship for different types of student like engineers, business students, research students and so on. Monash University has more than 30 scholarship schemes. Almost for every program offered, Monash University has scholarship opportunity for that. Like students of Honors program have fall in Honors Scholarship category; while, students enrolled in Engineering program enjoys scholarship schemes which are dedicated for students of Engineering schools only. Similarly, Monash University welcomes international students to study there, if needed, of course with attractive scholarship. To know more about the scholarships of Monash University, please click on the link below.

On the above link, you can find the top 5 scholarships of Monash University. Monash University offers scholarships other than these 5. However, in our outlook, these are the top 5 scholarships and we wanted to focus on the top 5 scholarships only.


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