Scholarship in Liberty University

Liberty University was established in 1971. It is located in Virginia, United States. Liberty University is a private non-profit research oriented university. The number of total student of Liberty University is 110000. Because of having both online university facility and on-campus facility the number of students has risen to this height. Liberty University consisted of 17 colleges. It has school of law and school of medicine too. Liberty University has 290 bachelor degree programs both online and on-campus. It has 315 master’s degree program. And 32 doctoral programs. All of these bachelor degree, Master’s Degree and PhD program are both online and on-campus education programs.

In ranking Liberty University has several position. Nationally the rank of the Liberty University is 610. Regionally (south) rank of Liberty University is 80. The rank of criminal justice program offered by this university is 18th. In online MBA program, Liberty University is in rank 93. Not only in ranking, Liberty University has for offering numerous scholarships.

Scholarship of Liberty University:

Liberty University spends a huge amount of money every year to award scholarship to eligible and outstanding students. It provides scholarships to students who are residential as well as who are enrolled in online programs. So, everyone has equal opportunity to get a scholarship in Liberty University. The top scholarships of Liberty University are:

  1. CVCC Scholarship (click for details)
  2. Heroes Fund Scholarship (click for details)
  3. Honors Program Scholarship (click for details)
  4. Liberty Academic Scholarship (click for details)
  5. Unashamed Scholarship (click for details)
  6. We Creator Scholarship (click for details)
  7. International Mission Board (IMB) (click for details)
  8. Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia (SBCV) (click for details)
  9. West Virginia Convention of Southern Baptists (WVCSB) (click for details)
  10. Liberty Advantage (click for details)

These are the top 10 scholarships of Liberty University. To know more about these scholarship, application process and amount of these scholarships, click on the name of the scholarships.

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