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Scholarship in Karolinska Institute

The Karonlinska university is one of the most well known and prestigious university in Medical university in Sweden and around the world. The university has 50 professor from various medical disciplines at the university. The university was established in 1810. It is located in solna. The institution  accounts for more than 40% of all academic medical research in Swede.

Scholarship Criteria

  • The Karolinska Institutet Global Master’s Scholarships
  • The Swedish Institute’s scholarship
  • The Karolinska Institutet Foundation Scholarships
  • Exchange program scholarships
  • Karolinska Institutet’s scholarships

The Swedish Institute’s scholarship

This scholarship is provided by a government agency named (SI) Swedish institution. It is for the students outside of EU/EEA area.

Benefits of this Scholarship

  • The scholarship will cover both tuition fees and living cost
  • The scholarship will provided to students per month 9000SEK at master levels
  • A travel grant will also be given to the students

Eligibility and Criteria

  • Students will have to be outside EU/EEA
  • The scholarship will be provided according to the students nationality and study field

How to Apply

  • Students have to provide a application letter why the should get this scholarship
  • Submit the letter to the finance office
  • Tel: 08-524 800 00 for more information contact in this number

Karolinska Global Master’s Scholarship

The Scholarship is provided to only those who are studying in Karolinska and have completed at least one semester of their Master’s course.

Benefits of this scholarship

  • The scholarship will cover the tuition expenses for the Master’s level

Eligibility and Criteria

  • The scholarship is only for the Students of Master’s program
  • The scholarship will cover tuition fees but not living cost

How to Apply

  • The students will have to give an application describing why they should get this scholarship
  • Application form is provided above
  • +46 8 524 800 00 For more information call in the given number

The Karolinska Institutet Foundation Scholarships

The Board of Higher Education announces the annual foundation scholarships for students. Applications may be submitted on the basis of academic qualifications and/or financial needs. The scholarships are awarded from a number of foundation. The board reviews the applications and select the students who are eligible for the scholarship.

Benefits of the scholarship

  • The scholarship will cover tuition fees
  • The sum of the scholarship is SEK4000 to SEK 15000

Eligibility and criteria

  • All students of Karolinska are eligible to apply for this scholarship
  • have completed some other advanced study than an advanced study or project during your undergraduate or master’s education
  • Students with savings or saleable assets (stocks, mutual funds, vehicles etc.) are not prioritized.

How to apply

Exchange program scholarships

If you participate in an exchange program at a partner university abroad within the scope of an exchange agreement for your study program, you will receive either a scholarship or a travel grant, depending on the exchange agreement.

Benefits of the scholarship

  • Students will get tuition cover of tuition fees
  • The institute also provide travel grants
  • If the exchange takes place within Nordic Council of ministers nordplus program  students will receive a Nordplus Scholarship
  • Students on Erasmus+ exchange will receive an Erasmus+ scholarship financed by the EU.

Eligibility and criteria

  • This scholarships are provided to those students who are willing to change the university
  • The students have to have good prior result

How to apply

  • Students have to give application to the finance office
  • For any more information +46 8 524 800 00 call in this number

Karolinska Institutet’s scholarships

A limited number of scholarships are available for international students required to pay tuition fees. The scholarships cover the tuition fee cost of Master’s programs at Karolinska Institutet. The scholarships can only be applied for once per year in connection with the application for a program, not during ongoing studies.

Benefits of the scholarship

  • The scholarship will cover full tuition fees for Master’s program
  • The scholarship will also cover travel grant

Eligibility and criteria

  • Have to be a student of Master’s program in Karolinska Institute
  • Have to drop Cv and qualification to get this scholarship
  • Institute will evaluate students and give scholarships

How to apply

  • The selection process is based on applicant’s CV and qualifications that will be evaluated in connection with the application for a KI study program
  • For any more information +46 8 524 800 00 call in this number


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