Scholarship in Cornell University

Cornell University, a well-known university of United States. If we say ‘well-known’ it does not reflect the proper adjective of this university. It is one of the top universities of the world. In the national ranking of United States, Cornell University is in rank 10. It is a private university located in Ithaca, New York, United States. This university has been named after its founder Ezra Cornell. There is another founder of this university. His name is Andrew Dickson White. Ezra Cornell and Andrew Dickson White together founded Cornell University in 1865. In last year the acceptance rate of this university was 14% only. It is very competitive to get admitted in this university. Because of the world class undergraduate and postgraduate program, Cornell University draws the attention of students around all over the globe.

Scholarship in Cornell University

The amount of scholarship and financial aid awarded in Cornell University is really attractive. More than 60% students of Cornell University receives some sort of financial aid. On an average 50% of the students receive on an average $33,000 amount of scholarship and financial aid. And there are numerous scholarships to apply. Students who want to study Bachelor’s Degree can apply for scholarship. Normally entrance scholarships are for undergraduate students. Most of the research oriented scholarships are for postgraduate students. And a huge amount of fund for research is available for PhD students. To apply for scholarship in Cornell University, click on the links below:

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