Scholarship in Columbia University

In the national ranking of United States, Columbia University is at rank 6. It is located in New York, United States. Do you want to study in United States? If you are a high achiever of course you will air for the top universities of USA and Columbia University is one of them. Columbia University was was established in 1754. At that time, it was known as King’s College. In 1784 it becomes Columbia College. With 27,000 total students and 4000 academic staffs, Columbia University is providing world class education. The quality of education of Columbia University has already been recognized as one of the best of the world.

Scholarship in Columbia University

University of Columbia is not cheap. The cost of attendance is high. Especially for international students from developing countries, the cost of education in Columbia University is really high. However, the actual case is little different. A large number of fund is allocated every year in Columbia University to offer scholarships, grants and financial aid to students who deserve these. Columbia University has several scholarship to welcome new students. These are undergraduate scholarships. A major portion of the scholarship goes to postgraduate students. That means scholarship for postgraduate program in Columbia University is more available than undergraduate scholarship. You can apply for scholarship in Columbia University using the link below:

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