Canada has universities within top ranking of the world. Not only ranking, Canadian universities offer hundreds of scholarships every year. The environment of Canada is student friendly too. Not only from education perspective but also from part-time job perspective, Canada is a perfect place for students.

If you want to apply for scholarship in Canada, you are on the right place. Here you will find the scholarships of top ranked universities of Canada. We have segmented the scholarships in Canada university wise. It makes the scholarship search easier. These scholarship opportunities will you help decide which university will be best for you.

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  1. University of Toronto (Scholarship info)
  2. University of British Columbia (Scholarship info)
  3. University of Alberta (Scholarship info)
  4. McGill University (Scholarship info)

Click on the name of the universities to know the different scholarship program of those universities, amount of those scholarship, application process, eligibility criteria and anything else you need to know to apply for these scholarships.

Scholarship in Canada is always competitive. A determined candidate should keep trying to achieve the desired scholarship. We have made scholarship search easy. When you are looking for scholarship in Canada, you can find attractive scholarship programs in this page of

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