You are currently viewing Scholarship in Canada: Schulich Leader Scholarship (University of Alberta)

Scholarship in Canada: Schulich Leader Scholarship (University of Alberta)

Schulich Leader scholarship for those students who are about to enroll in university in any of the department related to science, technology, engineering or mathematics. This scholarhsip is for undergraduate students. Graduate students cannot participate here. And so the PhD students. It is not a scholarhsip for graduate students and scholarhsip for PhD students. There are about 20 universities who offer this scholarhsip for undergraduate students. University of Alberta is one of them. And this scholarship for undergraduate student is not for international students. Only Canadian students and students who are permanent resident of Canada can compete for this scholarship for undergraduate student.


The amount of this scholarship for undergraduate student is $60,00 to $80,000.

For Engineering Department student it is $80,000 and for Science, Technology and Mathematics, it is $60,000.

This amount is paid  in equal installment within 4 years ($15,000-$20,000 per year).


This scholarship is open to students across Canada who are graduating from high school and possess at least two of the three selection criteria:

  1. Academic excellence
  2. Outstanding community, business, or entrepreneurial leadership
  3. Financial need

In addition, students must be:

  • Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada
  • In their final year of high school/secondary school (outside of Quebec) or CÉGEP (in Quebec)
  • Pursuing an undergraduate degree in a STEM program

How to Apply:

  1. A student must be selected as the sole Schulich Leader Nominee for their high school (CÉGEPs may select TWO Nominees each).
  2. Schulich Leader Nominees must then submit a separate online Schulich Leaders application that will be sent directly to the universities they have submitted official applications.
  3. Universities review the Schulich Leader Nominee applications and select their two Schulich Leader Scholarship recipients.

For more information on the application process please visit the Schulich Leader Scholarships website.

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