Scholarship in Canada: International Leader of Tomorrow Award

International Leader of Tomorrow Award is a scholarship scheme for international students in Canada. It is an undergraduate scholarship. International students who are about to start their undergraduate education degree program in University of British Columbia, Canada, are the students eligible for this scholarship. There are several qualities that a student must posses to win this scholarship. The International Leader of Tomorrow Award scholarship committee prefers those students who demonstrate outstanding academic performance, who are involved in student community and social activities, who have achievement in extracurricular activities like sports, creative writings, acting, debating and others.

How to get scholarship in canada

Benefits of the Scholarship:

International Leader of Tomorrow Award is designed in such a way, so that it can help any international student who deserve to be awarded with this scholarship. Instead of just awarding money or some facilities, this scholarship finds the need of the eligible students and provides what ever they need to complete their undergraduate education degree program. That is why instead of only money, there are several benefits added in this scholarship. Know What are the Benefits of this Scholarship

Who Can Apply:

Although there are several criteria of awarding this scholarship, the eligibility section is not that strict. Any international student can apply for this scholarship. However, who want to apply must have completed high school or equivalent education so that he/she can get enrolled in undergraduate education degree program of University of British Columbia, Canada.

Check Whether You are Eligible or Not

How to Apply:

Only international students are eligible to apply for this scholarship. As it is not possible for the committee to search the back-ground of applicants from all over the world, the applicant is responsible to represent himself/herself. That is why, there are several steps that an international students have to take to complete his/her application process.

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