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Scholarship in Canada: Entrance Leadership Scholarship(University of Alberta)

Entrance Leadership Scholarship of University of Alberta is an scholarship for undergraduate students. Both national and international students are welcomed to participate here. In the scholarship list of this university, this particular scholarship for undergraduate students is very competitive program. Although this is not a scholarship for Phd students or scholarship for graduate students, because of huge number of undergraduate students, it is too competitive.

International Scholarship

Amount of this Scholarship for Undergraduate Students:

The amount of this scholarship is $20,000.

This scholarship for undergraduate student is a prestigious award for those who lives in Canada and a true helping hand for those who are here from abroad. This scholarship is also a scholarship for international students. And it is always helpful if someone achieves scholarship to study abroad.

Number of Scholarship:

Every year exactly 100 scholarships are awarded. This scholarhsip for undergraduate students is highly demanded and it is a dream for new enrolled undergraduate students. As the number of this scholarhsip is high, this scholarhsip is more attractive to international students.


Both national undergraduate students and international undergraduate students are allowed to compete for this scholarhsip for undergraduate students. However, there are some certain eligibility that both national and international students must met to achieve this scholarhsip for undergraduate students. They are:

  1. Applicant must apply for admission before applying for this scholarhsip
  2. Applicant must demonstrate excellent leadership power
  3. With leadership power, applicant has to be excellent in academic results too.
  4. Must possess more than 80% marks in average in all the High School Subjects or equivalent.
  5. And finally the applicant must has to gain a position in the department where he/she is interested.

How to Apply:

  1. The application is available through Bear Tracks or you can go directly to the site by clicking here. Students must have applied for admission to a degree program to the University of Alberta. You will receive a Campus Computing ID (CCID) and password through this process and must use this to access the application.
  2. Reference information:
    1. 1 letter of reference is required for your Entrance Leadership Scholarship application.
    2. Reference information must be completed and submitted online through a secure site. Referees will receive an auto-generated email to the email address provided by the applicant on the online student application form. Reference letters in any other format (in-person, mailed, faxed or emailed) will NOT be accepted.
    3. It is the applicant’s responsibility to contact the referee prior to the deadline to make sure that they have received access to the online secure site.
    4. For more information, please see the Entrance Leadership Competition Step Sheet.

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