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Scholarship in Canada: Donald A. Wehrung Award for International Students

In Canada, international students are always welcomed. Canadian Government as well as individuals are very friendly and helpful to international student. Various scholarship programs organized by Canadian Government, organizations and individuals are tbe millstone of helping hands to international students. Donald A.Wehrung Award for International student is such kind of millstone, a scholarship program organized by Donald A.Wehrung. this scholarship award is to help those students who are from countries where education up to undergraduate is very tough because of war or economical condition of the country. There are countries in this world, where being educated university graduate is very difficult. The cost of higher education is beyond the reach of the common students. And in some countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir and more like this, where war has destroyed the environment to take higher education. This scholarship is for students from these types of country.

Scholarship in Canada

Benefit of this Scholarship:

There are several benefits of this scholarship. As this scholarship is for those who are unable to continue their higher education because of financial inability or for the war or for other causes, the needs of different students are different. That is why first the selected student is interviewed and based on the need of the student, this scholarship provides tuition fee scholarship, living allowance, others financial needs or all of these. Click here to know the benefits in details tabular form.

Who are Eligible:

Students who are unable to continue education up to University undergraduate, are eligible for this scholarship. There might be hundreds of causes of not being able to complete undergraduate education degree program. However, this scholarship considered several causes of them. Students facing the following troubles are eligible for this scholarship.

  1. Student from countries, where war is running or war has destroyed the economy like Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine etc
  2. Student from countries where higher education is very costly compared to the economy of the country like African Students.
  3. Student have complete Higher Secondary Education, but do not have financial solvency to start undergraduate education degree program.

These kind of students are eligible for this scholarship.

How to Apply:

Application process of this scholarship is a combination of several process. Applicant must prove that ha/she is eligible. The the accessibility in Canada is his/her personal responsibility. Applicant have to handle it. Then the university formalities must be done. To complete the application process, go to ‘How to Apply Section’. From there you’ll find step by step procedure of this scholarhsip application.

How to Apply Section


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