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Scholarship in Australia: Mildura Alumni Scholarship

Mildura Alumni Scholarship is organized for undergraduate student of University of Melbourne by the alumni who have completed their education degree program from Mildura campus of University of Melbourne. This undergraduate scholarship is awarded from the donation of these alumni.


Benefit of this Scholarship:

Mildura scholarhsip is awarded to students in term of prize money. The amount of this money is $15,000. However, this amount is not fixed. This is the maximum amount. Depending on the amount of donation, this amount can change.

Am I Eligible?

Only undergraduate students are eligible for this scholarhsip program. This is an undergraduate scholarhsip program. So graduate students or PhD students cannot participate in this scholarhsip program. There are some other requirements. They are:

Mirdula Alumni Scholarship

How to Apply:

The best thing for scholarhsip of University of Melbourne is application process. Every scholarship application process of University of Melbourne is very straight forward. No separate application form is required. Eligible students are automatically considered as application of this scholarship.

More Scholarship info:

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