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Scholarship in Australia: International Undergraduate Scholarship

International Undergraduate Scholarship is a scholarship program of University of Melbourne to help the international students to migrate to Australia and to open opportunities of studying in University of Melbourne. There are another reason behind this. It is achieving diversity. University of Melbourne wants to make its campus full of students from different nations. That is why every year 50 undergraduate students receive international undergraduate scholarship of University of Melbourne. This undergraduate scholarship program is a competition program of whole world. Almost every eligible students, who are willing to earn their undergraduate education degree from University of Melbourne, compete for this undergraduate scholarhsip program.

Scholarship in Univeristy of Melbourne

Benefit of this Undergraduate Scholarship:

International Undergraduate Scholarship of University of Melbourne is a tuition fee reduction scholarhsip. Based on the best suited for the winner student, this scholarship can be either $10,000 equivalent tuition fee remission, or 50% tuition fee remission or 100% tuition fee remission. So, in conclusion, the benefits are:

  • $10,000 equivalent tuition fee remission
  • 50% tuition fee remission or
  • 100% tuition fee remission

Am I Eligible?

To be considered as eligible, applicant must meet the following requirements.

International Undergraudate Scholarship


Once these requirements are met by an undergraduate student, he/she is eligible for this undergraduate scholarhsip. However, being eligible for this undergraduate scholarhsip doesn’t guarantee that the undergraduate students will be awarded with this undergraduate scholarhsip.

How to Apply:

To apply for this undergraduate scholarhsip, applicant’s first task is to find whether he/she is eligible for this undergraduate scholarhsip program or not. If he/she is eligible, then no application form is required. All he/she needs is to apply for admission in University of Melbourne. If the applicant is eligible for this scholarhsip, he/she will be automatically considered as a participant of this undergraduate scholarhsip program.

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