Scholarship for International Student in Canada

There are hundreds of students who choose Canada to complete their higher education. There are several reasons behind this. The first reason is it is easy for a student to manage a student visa to go to Canada for study purpose. Unlike US, Canadian Government is very friendly to international students. The second reason is there is opportunity to be a permanent resident in Canada after a student have completed education degree program. The third reason is the quality of Canadian Universities. There are several Canadian Universities which are within the top 50 Rank in world ranking. And the most common reason for choosing Canada for higher study is scholarship opportunities. There are lots of scholarship opportunities for international students in Canada. Among them some are organized by various organization and individuals. Some are organized by universities. Here the scholarship opportunities organized by the University of British Columbia for international students are listed.

Scholarhsip in Canada

  1. Interrelation Leaders of Tomorrow Award

  2. Donald Wehrung International Student Award

  3. International Major Entrance Scholarship

  4. Outstanding International Student Award

These are the three scholarship schemes of University of British Columbia for international students only. However, if you are an international student but a permanent resident of Canada, then, you can apply for these scholarship as well as for those reserved only for Canadian students. Those scholarships are:

Remember, these scholarships are undergraduate scholarship. The undergraduate education degree programs normally offered by University of British Columbia are:

  1. Accounting (Vancouver)
  2. Aerospace Engineering
  3. African-American Studies
  4. Agricultural and Resource Economics
  5. Agricultural and Veterinary Medicine
  6. Agricultural Education
  7. Agricultural General
  8. Agricultural Science & Technology
  9. American Studies
  10. Animal Sciences: Animal Biotechnology
  11. Animal Sciences: Animal Care and Management
  12. Animal Sciences: Equine Studies
  13. Animal Sciences: Laboratory Animal Care
  14. Animal Sciences: Sciences/PreProfessional
  15. Anthropology
  16. Anthropology (Okanagan)
  17. Anthropology (Vancouver)
  18. Applied Animal Biology
  19. Applied Plant & Soil Sciences
  20. Arabic Studies
  21. Archaeology: Greece, Rome, & the Near East
  22. Architecture
  23. Art Education
  24. Art Education – Secondary
  25. Art History
  26. Art History (Okanagan)
  27. Art History (Vancouver)
  28. Asian Area Studies
  29. Asian Language & Culture
  30. Astronomy
  31. Astronomy
  32. Atmospheric Science
  33. Behavioral and Community Health
  34. Biochemistry
  35. Biochemistry (Okanagan)
  36. Biochemistry (Vancouver)
  37. Bioengineering
  38. Biological Sciences: Cell Biology and Genetics
  39. Biological Sciences: Ecology and Evolution
  40. Biological Sciences: General Biology
  41. Biological Sciences: Microbiology
  42. Biological Sciences: Physiology and Neurobiology
  43. Biology (Okanagan)
  44. Biology (Vancouver)
  45. Biophysics
  46. Biotechnology
  47. Business & Computer Science
  48. Business Education – Secondary
  49. Canadian Studies
  50. Central European, Russian and Eurasian Studies
  51. Chef Education – Secondary
  52. Chemical & Biological Engineering
  53. Chemical Engineering
  54. Chemistry
  55. Chemistry (Okanagan)
  56. Chemistry (Vancouver)
  57. Chinese
  58. Civil Engineering
  59. Civil Engineering (Okanagan)
  60. Civil Engineering (Vancouver)
  61. Classical Languages and Literatures
  62. Classical Studies
  63. Classics
  64. Cognitive Systems (BA)
  65. Cognitive Systems (BSc)
  66. Commerce & Economics
  67. Communication
  68. Computer Engineering
  69. Computer Engineering
  70. Computer Science
  71. Computer Science (Okanagan – BA)
  72. Computer Science (Okanagan – BSc)
  73. Computer Science (Vancouver – BA)
  74. Computer Science (Vancouver – BSc)
  75. Computer Science Education – Secondary
  76. Creative Writing (Okanagan)
  77. Creative Writing (Vancouver)
  78. Criminology and Criminal Justice
  79. Cultural Studies (Okanagan)
  80. Dance
  81. Dental Hygiene
  82. Dietetics
  83. Dietetics
  84. Drama
  85. Early Childhood Education
  86. Earth & Environmental Sciences (Okanagan)
  87. Earth & Ocean Sciences
  88. Ecological Technology Design
  89. Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (Okanagan)
  90. Economics
  91. Economics (Okanagan – BA)
  92. Economics (Okanagan – BSc)
  93. Economics (Vancouver)
  94. Education (Okanagan)
  95. Education (Teacher:Undecided)
  96. Education – Elementary, Middle Years, or Secondary
  97. Electrical Engineering
  98. Electrical Engineering (Okanagan)
  99. Electrical Engineering (Vancouver)
  100. Elementary – Bachelor of Education
  101. Elementary Education
  102. Engineering (Undecided)
  103. Engineering Physics
  104. English (Okanagan)
  105. English (Vancouver)
  106. English as a Second Language Education – Secondary
  107. English Education – Secondary
  108. English Language and Literature
  109. English Language Arts Education
  110. Environmental Chemistry (Okanagan)
  111. Environmental Design
  112. Environmental Engineering
  113. Environmental Health
  114. Environmental Science and Policy
  115. Environmental Science and Technology
  116. Environmental Sciences
  117. Family Science
  118. Family Studies
  119. Film Production
  120. Film Studies
  121. Finance (Business)
  122. Finance (Vancouver)
  123. Fire Protection Engineering
  124. First Nations Languages & Linguistics
  125. First Nations Studies
  126. Food & Environment
  127. Food & Nutritional Sciences
  128. Food & the Environment
  129. Food Market Analysis
  130. Food Science
  131. Food Science
  132. Food, Nutrition & Health
  133. Foreign Language Education
  134. Forest Operations
  135. Forest Resources Management
  136. Forest Sciences
  137. French & Spanish (Okanagan)
  138. French (Okanagan)
  139. French (Vancouver)
  140. French Education – Secondary
  141. French Language and Literature
  142. Freshwater Science (Okanagan)
  143. General Business
  144. General Business Management
  145. General Science (Okanagan)
  146. General Science (Vancouver)
  147. General Studies (Okanagan)
  148. Geographical Biogeosciences (Vancouver – BSc)
  149. Geography
  150. Geography (Okanagan – BA)
  151. Geography – Environment & Sustainability (Vancouver – BA)
  152. Geography – Human Geography (Vancouver – BA)
  153. Geological Engineering
  154. Geological Sciences
  155. Geology
  156. Geophysics
  157. German
  158. German Language and Literature
  159. Global Resource Systems

These are the undergraduate education degree programs of University of British Columbia. There are more undergraduate programs. To get the full list of undergraduate education degree program click on the link below:


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