Sapienza University PhD Scholarship in Italy

Deadline:  May 2

Scholarship in Italy

Scholarship for PhD Program /  Fellowships

This is a scholarship for PhD program. If you are looking for a PhD scholarship, then you are in the right place. In this article of, you will learn details about this scholarship. Here you will learn how to apply for this scholarship, what are the eligibility criterai of this scholarship and the amount of this scholarship. From you can directly apply for this PhD scholarship. The scholarship application link is available here too. So, everything you need to apply for a scholarship is here on

This PhD scholarship is offered by Sapienza University of Rome. Let’s start with a little description about Sapienza University of Rome. Sapienza University of Rome is one of the top ranked university of Italy. It was founded by Rope Boniface VIII in 1303. It is not only one of the top ranked universities of the world, it is one of the oldest universities of the world. Every year this university offer scholarship for PhD programs. The main purpose of this scholarship is to encourage PhD candidates in research.

Amount of Scholarship:

The amount of this scholarship is € 19,800 per year. And it is extensible up to three years. That means the total amount is € 59,400. A candidate is free to use this huge amount of scholarship money in whatever he wants. But in order to extend the scholarship period, the PhD candidate must show significant research progress. In short the amount of this PhD scholarship is –

  • € 19,800 per year (Up to three years)
  • Up to 29 candidates get this scholarship every year

Who Can Apply for this Scholarship?

Now the question is who can apply for this scholarship? Students with the following eligibility criteria can apply for this scholarship.

  • Applicant must have to be an intentional student
  • Applicant cannot be a permanent resident of Italy
  • Candidate must not have ever received any academic degree from any Italian educational institutions
  • And applicant must fulfill admission requirements

Admission Requirement

The admission requirements are –

  1. Candidate must have a Master’s Degree or equivalent degree obtained from non-Italian educational institutions
  2. Candidates with prior research experience, publications in well-known journals will get preference
  3. Candidate must show  English speaking proficiency

These are the admission requirements of of PhD program of Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

How to Apply for this Scholarship?

So, do you want to apply for this scholarship now? Let’s learn how to apply for this scholarship. To apply for this scholarship, first go to the web-page, register and sign in –  Register Here

After have completed registration, sign in and complete the application form using providing the following documents –

  • A photocopy of their identity card or passport;
  • Curriculum vitae et studiorum;
  • A copy of the degree certificate and list of exams with marks;
  • A report on any research carried out by the candidate;
  • A list of publications;
  • A brief statement explaining his/her Doctoral School choice and the candidate’s scientific interests;
  • Two letters of recommendation from university professors or eminent researchers/experts of equivalent status.
  • Once signed in, candidates can complete the application form in more than one step. When all the requested fields are filled and all required documents are uploaded, candidates can finally submit the form
  • After submission, no further modification to the form will be possible
  • All documents must be written in English and uploaded in PDF format. The maximum size for each document is 5 MB (5120 KBytes). The maximum size for each document is 5 MB (5120 KBytes). No other format will be accepted.

Application Form

Scholarship Link

This is how you can apply for this scholarship.

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