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RR Method: How to Gain Super Memory

If you want to develop your memory, first of all, you must know what memory is. Don’t worry. You don’t have to study human anatomy for this. To understand RR Method of developing super memory, you need to know only the basics. Memory is simply the power of recalling. Scientifically it is much more than this. But for us, knowing this is enough. Suppose, there are some information in your memory. But when you need them, you fail to recall them. Then where is the role of memory? That is why, we are considering memory as the power of recalling.

Can you recall everything stored in your memory? Obviously you can’t. Am I right? If you use this RR Method of Developing Memory, it’ll be very easy to recall everything you have in your memory. Can you remember what have happened in last Sunday at 4:20 pm? Can you recall it perfectly? You can’t? But why? Those memory are somewhere in your mind. All you need is to find where it is. But there are trillions of memories are in your mind. It is very difficult to find out the memory you are looking for. Sometimes it becomes impossible and you cannot recall at all. Then you simply say that you’ve forgotten.

Compare our brain with computer memory. Everything you store in your computer has some specific binary numbers to ensure the location of the memory. When you need those data, processor of the computer look for that data using those specific binary numbers and retrieve the data from the memory of your computer. Storing information in computer is called registering. Computer registers information with specific data that indicates its location. Human brain does the similar thing. When you saw something or hear something. Your brain store the data in your memory. But the difference is, it doesn’t store it with specific location address. That is why, after a few days, if you want to recall those memory, you need to search all the memories up to that day. If your brain would store the memory in a specific location and if you would know where it is, then you would not have to search your whole memory. It would take few milliseconds to find out the information you are looking for. But how to do it? How to specific memory location? This is what with the RR method of developing memory deals with.

  1. To develop your memory using RR Method, you need to practice it every day. It is a slow process. So, don’t lose your patience. The method starts by recalling everything happens in the day at night.
  2. When you are on bed and trying to sleep, think everything happened earlier that day. Starting from waking up from bed to returning the bed, try to remember every single moments. Remember, you have to try to recall every moments and what have happened in those moments. In the first day, it’ll be very difficult and you’ll be able to recall 10-20%. Be real serious and try your best to recall everything. Try it every night and keep trying it.
  3. As you know you have to recall everything is happening around you, so when you wake up from the bed and start your day, be careful and try your best to focus everything around you and register them properly in your brain. Suppose, you saw a fish seller is shouting in front of your home at 9 am. Remember it and register it. Remember it, you’ve registered it with the location associated with 9 am. Like this, try to remember everything and every night recall everything.
  4. Continue this process. After 3-4 weeks, you’ll see that you don’t have to put any effort to remember things. Your brain will automatically register everything in your memory with proper address and whenever you need to recall anything, your brain will do it in no time.

That’s it. Follow it and practice it regularly. You’ll see how strong your memory becomes.