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Point of Recalling Method: How to Develop Super Memory.

So, we were talking about point of recalling method of gaining super memory. This method does not require much practicing. With a little practicing, you can gain super memory by using this method. The first thing is, how this method works? This method is simply relating some new memory with some old memory. If you learn something new, our brain stores that like computer. If you store something in your hard disk, computer assign a specific memory location bit to recall that thing. Our brain do the same. When you memorize something, it stores those thing. But the difference is, whether there will be an address of that memory or not, totally depends on you. If you provide a specific address to that memory, it’ll be very easy for you to recall that memory faster. But providing an address to the memorized thing is not as easy as it is in computer system.

To locate what you’ve memorize with a specific memory location address, you need to put some effort on it. And this is what the Point of Recalling method of developing super memory. Instead of providing addresses to new memorized memory, try to link it with some flash-bulb memory. Now the question is, what is flash bulb memory? Flash bulb memory are those memory, which you cannot forget and when you recall it, it looks like as sharp as new. Do you have any of this kind of memory? Of course you have. Because we all do. Think about your first date or first kiss. Aren’t those flash bulb memory? Of course they are. Now the question is how to relate new memorized memory with flash bulb memory?

Point of Recalling Method of developing super memory is the answer of the question. Suppose you need to memorize a list or some mathematical laws. First read the whole thing you need to memorize. Now you know what have to be memorized. Then follow the following steps to memorize it.

  1. First choose a flash bulb memory of yours. Choose specific one. Do not mix up one memory with others.
  2. Now remember that memory and read the topics to be memorized again. Do it for several times.
  3. After doing it for several times, take a little break. And try to forget what you’ve memorized. Try your best to forget.
  4. Now, recall that flash bulb memory. You see? The new memorized things also appears in mind. From now on, no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to forget the topics that you have just memorized and relates that with one of your flash bulb memory.

This is a very powerful method of developing super memory. Using this method you can use your memory as a computer memory. Once you memorize something using this method, it’ll be memorized in your memory for forever.