Monash Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement

Monash University has been showing the milestone of her kindness to meritorious students. For social development and for development of mankind, Monash University has been an example of helping and supporting organization. No student has to turn their hope off from the support of Monash University if he is eligible. Students with outstanding achievements have always been welcomed here. The manner of welcoming in Monash University is quiet impressive and attractive. For the top class students who have excellent academic background, Monash University always welcomes them with scholarship and financial aid. Scholarship for these students from Monash University are not just a mere one time monetary award. The features of scholarships of Monash University seem never-ending. The scholarships of Monash University are package of living allowance, travel allowance, health allowance and insurance and a large amount of money. Some of the scholarships of this university includes job facilities too. Monash Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement is such kind of scholarship. It has several attractive features. With a large amount of money, this scholarship has been enriched with all kinds of features, which are essential for a student to study with total peace of mind.


The benefits of Monash Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement are:

  •  $34,000 amount of cash given in 4 years equally divided in every year.
  •  Travel allowance for one return airfare to your home state in your first year (interstate students only)
  •  Healthy lifestyle package giving you access to state-of-the-art gymnasiums, fitness classes, aquatics facilities and health and well-being programs (valued at $1200 each year)
  •  Living allowance
  • Opportunity to work for Monash University

These are the benefits of Monash Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement. To get all of these facilities one has to be an outstanding achiever. It doesn’t matter in which field a student has outstanding achievement. It can be in the high school. It can be in the college. It can be fields like Business Studies, Engineering, Economics, Social Science and so on.

The eligibility criteria for this scholarship are:

  •  Australian or New Zealand citizen, holder of an Australian permanent resident or permanent humanitarian visa.
  • Must have 12 year educational background equivalent to Australian education.
  • ATAR of 99.90 (85.00 for Indigenous Australians).

If a student meets this criteria, then and only then he is eligible to apply for this scholarship. However, if a student is eligible, it doesn’t guarantee that he will achieve this scholarship. There are other screening process done by the authority. Being eligible means the application of the candidate will be taken into considerations.

How to Apply:

To apply for Monash Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement, applicant doesn’t need  to apply separately. To make it easy and simple, there is separate monitoring system, as a part of admission system of Monash University, which monitors the scholarship eligibility of the applicant. If a student is eligible for a particular type of scholarship scheme, then he is considered as a participant for the scholarship. No separate application process or formalities are required for application of Monash Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement.

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