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Monash International Scholarship for Excellence

Scholarships are awarded based on variety of criteria. Some scholarships are awarded for expertise in sport, some are in literature, some are awarded for prompt participation in social works. However, one criterion is always available for any kind of scholarship, that is academic excellence. Students with outstanding academic records always look for scholarship as they deserve it. Monash International Scholarship for Excellence is such kind of scholarship award.

Monash International Scholarship for Excellence is an attractive and competitive scholarship scheme because of the amount of money awarded as scholarship. The scholarship award money is $40,000. The money is paid in four years. Every year, $10,000 is paid to the students who achieve the scholarship. With this award, there is another benefit of this scholarship, that is living facility. Besides, the student will have opportunity to work as a marketer or recruitment publishers for the university. The benefits are summarized here:

  • $40,000 amount of money
  • Living Facility
  • Opportunity to work for the university marketing department

Earning a scholarship is always difficult. The more the benefit of a scholarship program, the more the difficult it becomes. This is the cruel reality. However, if one door closes, other door opens. There lot more other opportunities available.


To be considered as eligible for this scholarship, the applicant must comply with the eligibility criteria. The eligibility criteria are:

  • The applicant must be an International Students
  • Education background of the applicant must comply with the 12 years education standard of Australia
  • Student must be enrolled in undergraduate degree program of Monash University

Being eligible doesn’t guarantee that an applicant will get the scholarship. Eligibility criteria only show whether a student is eligible to apply for not. If a student is eligible, then and only then his scholarship application will be taken into consideration.

How to Apply:

  1. Apply for Admission in Monash University in any Undergraduate Program
  2. Provide all necessary academic paper

Based on your academic background, if you are among the top then admission applicant, then you will be awarded with the scholarship. No separate application form is required.

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