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Monash Business School Scholarship

Monash University is very popular because of her position of alumni. More than 500 alumni of Monash University are working as CEO of different organization. In a survey, it was seen that top 10% of Australian research are done from Monash University. This university is not only famous for her education quality and alumni position but also for financial aid. A large number of students receive scholarship grants and other form of financial assistance from Monash University every year. To help students properly, this university has categorized her scholarship schemes in such a way, that distinguish students, who are scholarship applicant, into different categories. This method help to reduce the competition and make the scholarship easy to reachable. For example, for students of Engineering school, Monash University has Engineering Excellence Scholarship program. For business studies student, Monash Business School Scholarship program. In this article, Business Scholarship Program will be described.

Benefits of Monash Business School Scholarship Program:

Monash Business School Scholarship program has been designed to support students financially and enhance their capabilities through rigorous practice of course material. First of all, those who achieve Business School Scholarship enjoy a full free studentship. They don’t have to pay any kind of regular expenses for their education program. Besides, they receives a large sum of money. This money is divided into two categories. First category encourage the students to study properly. Second category gives them a piece of mind by allowing them travel

allowance. With the large sum of money, students receive other benefits as well. They receive a private study area, where they can put more concentration to their study. This private study area is continuously supervised by academic mentors and senior staffs of the university. Which makes it a perfect way to enhance the capabilities of the students. In Summary, the benefits of Business School Scholarship program are:

  • $32,000 in 4 years ( $8000 per year)
  • $2000 as travel allowance
  • Private study area
  • Support of academic mentor and senior staffs

Eligibility of Business School Scholarship of Monash University

Business School Scholarship of Monash University is a scholarship program of academic excellence scheme. To be considered as eligible a student must demonstrate outstanding academic achievement. Besides he has to fulfill some other criteria. Like nationalities, educational background system, current enrollment etc. If a student is willing to be eligible for this scholarship program, he has to get admitted in business schools to earn any of the following degrees:

  • Bachelor of Accounting
  • Bachelor of Actuarial Science
  • Bachelor of Banking and Finance
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Business
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Economics
  • Bachelor of Finance
  • Bachelor of International Business
  • Bachelor of Marketing
  • Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Accounting
  • Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Banking and Finance
  • Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Marketing
  • Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Actuarial Science
  • Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Economics
  • Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Finance

These are not the only eligibility criteria. Once an applicant will have applied for admission in any of the above programs, then to be eligible for the scholarship he must be:

  1. Australian citizen, New Zealand citizen, permanent resident or permanent humanitarian visa holder
  2. His academic background be comply with 12 years education system of Australia

How to apply:

To apply for Business School Scholarship, applicant doesn’t need  to apply separately. To make it easy and simple, there is separate monitoring system, as a part of admission system of Monash University, which monitors the scholarship eligibility of the applicant. If a student is eligible for a particular type of scholarship scheme, then he is considered as a participant for the scholarship. No separate application process or formalities are required for application of Business School Scholarship.

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