You are currently viewing Major Entrance Scholarship of University of British Columbia,Canada

Major Entrance Scholarship of University of British Columbia,Canada

Major Entrance Scholarship is a scholarship for Canadian students. Not only Canadian students, permanent resident of Canada can also apply for this scholarship. Students who are entering in university and those who are meritorious and extra-ordinary talented students are awarded with this one time scholarship. This scholarship is like welcoming the new students who should be welcomed. Students with outstanding academic talents and extracurricular activities and students who are dedicated in social and community works are selected for this scholarship.

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Benefits of this Scholarship:

The benefit of this scholarship is prize money and prestige. Major Entrance Scholarship is one of the most prestigious scholarship schemes of Canada. Those who achieve this scholarship is considered as the best student.

  • The Major Entrance Scholarship is $5000 money scholarship.
  • It is extendable up to $40,000


This scholarship is an easy scholarship if we consider the eligibility complexity. Unlike other scholarship programs, there is no complexity in eligibility of this scholarship. Who are eligible to apply for admission in University of British Columbia are eligible for this scholarship. However, applicant must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada.

How to Apply:

The application process is very simple. Most of the scholarship application process in clumsy and complex. But this one is not.

To apply for this scholarship, student have to submit an admission form. Once a students pays the fees and submit the admission form, he/she will be asked that whether he/she want to try for Major Entrance Scholarship. If applicant choose Yes. Then the process is completed. Means applicant has applied for the scholarship. To make it more easy for you, there are step bu step procedure provided below:

  1. Go to the Online Application section of University of British Columbia. Use the link below to go to there: 
  2. Now Scroll down and click on the ‘Create an Account Tab’
  3. Now complete your registration and have an account.
  4. Once your account is complete, apply for admission and highlight that you are interested in “Major Entrance Scholarship’

That’s it. Now you’ve complete your Major Entrance Scholarship Application process.


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