LIU International Scholarships

Linköping School is a research-based university with a reputation for advancement in knowledge and cross-disciplinary analysis. We have a worldwide perspective in our analysis and knowledge and we are rated among the top 3 percent of the world’s universities. Our worldwide students are highly satisfied, according to the past International Student Measure (ISB) surveys conducted among nearly 200 college institutions across the globe. We offer worldwide recognized college in English from bachelor’s to PhD stage. Our wide variety of programs and programs cover broad areas such as: technological advancement, information technology, environmental analysis, natural sciences, knowledge and social sciences. Most single-subject is provided within the frame of exchange analysis. At master stage we have over 20 worldwide programs that meet the worldwide requirements of college.

Scholarship Provider:

The LiU International Scholarship is aimed at supporting international students with significant academic potential from countries outside the European Union/European Economic Area (and Switzerland) who are required to pay tuition fees for studies.

Area of Study:

Any master’s level programme offered at Linköping University.

 Benefits of this Scholarship:

  • Tuition fees for successful applicants are reduced by 25, 50, 75 or 100%


  • Students who have requested a master’s program at Linköping School on time (before 1st March), AND
  • who have selected a master’s program at Linköping School as their first concern (ranked as top rated of 4) AND
  • who have been confessed to their first option in the First Notice of Choice Outcomes (end of March), AND
  • who are needed to pay educational costs charges.
  • The type for LiU Worldwide Grants will be available for recently confessed learners at the beginning of Apr 2017.

How to Apply:

You are applying for master’s program through the nationwide online program service School Acceptance. How to implement in short:

ü  To obtain LiU Worldwide Grant, you must first implement for the program you wish to study at Linköping University using the online national program web page, (s) on

ü  Application for a LiU Worldwide Grant is by filling out the electronic type on Linköping University’s web page. This type will only be available during the scholarship program interval (see due date schedules below).

ü  The program for the selected master’s programme(s) on www.universityadmis must be made before you make a scholarship program on Linköping University’s web page, as necessary information for creating the scholarship program is obtained during this process.



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