KUT PhD Scholarships in Engineering in Japan

Deadline: 30 September

Scholarship in Japan

Scholarship for PhD Program

KUT PhD Scholarships in Engineering for International Students is a scholarship program for PhD. It is a research based scholarship. That means this scholarship is for research based PhD program. Highly talented doctoral students are selected for this scholarship program.

Benefits of this Scholarship Program:

KUT PhD Scholarships in Engineering for International Students in Japan is a very valuable scholarship. It includes the following benefits:

  1. 30,000 yen as entrance examination charge
  2. As enrollment fee, 3,00,000
  3. As tuition fee, 535,800 yen per year
  4. Per month, 150,000 yen as living expenses
  5. More 150,000 yen is given as travel expenses
  6. And up to 150,000 yen per month for research cost

These are the benefits. As a result, everyone wants to earn this scholarship.


To be eligible for this scholarship, applicant must have to fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Must show efficiency in English Speaking
  2. Must demonstrate excellent academic background in Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree program
  3. Must be 35 years old above
  4. Must have adequate number of research paper published in world class journals

These are eligibility criteria for this scholarship.

How to Apply:

The application process of this scholarship includes several steps…. (Read more)


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