KAAD Scholarships in Germany for Developing Countries.

Brief description:

This KAAD funded scholarships are for those who have experiences in their professional fields and interest in Course work/Research work in Germany.


Host Institution(s):

Universities in Germany and Higher Educational Institutions.

Fields of study:

Prospective students can study according to their choice, but, is often preferred by the selection committee that the students study the subject area which will be helpful to their own home country.

Number of Scholarships:

No mentioned.

Target group:

The Catholic Christian Applicants will get special preference. Prospective students from a selected few countries of Africa, the Middle East, Latin America or Asia can apply for this scholarship.

Scholarship value/inclusions:

No specifics mentioned.


The prospective students must note that for Scholarship program 1 offered by KAAD, students:

  • must be from the emerging or developing countries of Asia, the Middle East, Latin America or Africa.
  • must be university graduates with good experience from their home countries
  • wish to get a Postgraduate/PhD degree from a German university.
  • are Catholic Christians (or belong to any of denomination of Christianity).
  • from any other religion are eligible to apply if recommended by their Catholic partners and prove that they can communicated with other religion as well.
  • have good command over Deutsch language before their studies commence (KAAD is able to arrange a six month language course for the students who are in need)
  • must be within 30 years of age for Masters scholarship and 35 for PhD scholarship.

The general rule is that applicants for Master-scholarships should be of the maximum age of 30, while applicants for PhD-scholarships should not be older than 35.



Application instructions:

With the partner countries in your geographical location, KAAD is working with interest. There are committees of partners and students have to send their application through them. Please, visit the website to find out the appropriate partner authority in location and region specific application requirements and procedure: Africa (sub-Sahara), Asia, Latin America, Near and Middle East (including northern Africa).

Deadlines: For September nomination applications must reach by 30th of June and for March nomination by 15th of March.

Applications for the September selection need to be complete by 30th of June. Applications for the March selection need to be complete by 15th of January.

Please, bear in mind that the necessary information regarding the scholarship is available from the following websites.


Official Scholarship Website: http://kaad.de/1/scholarships/scholarship-program-1/

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