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Scholarship of Johns Hopkins University (United States)

Johns Hopkins University is a private research university. The main campus of is in Maryland, United States. There are several more campuses of this university. The are in Washington D.C, in China, in Ital and in Singapore. It is more common to people as JH or JH University. It was founded in 1876. Since then, this university is operating its educational and research activities with fame and dignity. There are many awards which were won by this university. The campus of this university is divided into 10 sub division. So, the university campus is very large with a huge number of students. In main campus, there are around 15,000 post-graduate students and 7,000 undergraduate students. There are around 3500 full time academic staffs and around 15000 administrative staffs. Combining all of these together, Johns Hopkins University is a university with diverse campus and students with all kinds of student facilities.

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Scholarship of Johns Hopkins University:

Johns Hopkins University is famous for its scholarhsip programs. Both scholarhsip and grants from here is very easy to obtain. Whenever any eligible student fall in trouble with tuition cost, JHU reduce the tuition fees. Even, statistics shows that around 88% students here receive at least some kind of financial support from the university Click on the options below to know more about scholarhsip of JHU.


Courses of Johns Hopkins University:

If we see the students statistics, it is surprising that Johns Hopkins University has more Post-Graduate students than under-graduate students. Almost all the campuses of JHU show the same characteristics. However, both graduate and undergraduate courses of this university as well as the PhD programs of this university is very rich in quality. To know more about the courses of Johns Hopkins University, click on the link below.

Admission Process:

Johns Hopkins University is very student friendly university. They also want campus diversity. That is why, JHU offers attractive offer for International students. National students enjoy facilities too. The admission process of this university is well organised. Click on the link below to learn the admission process:


Johns Hopkins University has online education facilities too. There are many education degree programs of JHU that are offered as online education degree programs. Like the quality of education of JHU in campus, they try their best to hold the same quality in online classes. Normally Johns Hopkins University does not make and difference between online students and on-campus students. The online facilities are for those student who want to study here at John Hopkins University but can not because of the distance.