International Major Entrance Scholarship

International Major Entrance Scholarship is offered every year. The name suggests it is an Entrance Scholarship. Means this scholarhsip is awarded to those students who are entering in the university. Extraordinary international students who are about to get admitted in University of British Columbia. There are thousands of extraordinary students all around the world, who have very high potential and outstanding academic achievements. If these kind of students want to get admitted in University of British Columbia, will be awarded with this scholarhsip. Although this scholarhsip is awarded at the beginning of the university undergraduate program, this award is extendable up to three years.

Value of the Scholarship:

This scholarship is a prize money scholarship. The winner student is awarded with $7000 to $28000. The amount of the money depends on the duration of the scholarhsip. As this scholarhsip is extendable up to three years, the prize money also rises.

Click Here to See the Benefits of the Scholarship in Tabular Form. 

Who Can Apply:

This scholarhsip is international scholarhsip for interrelation students. However, not all the international students are eligible. There are several eligibility that one applicant must possess to apply for this scholarship.

Check Whether You Are Eligible 

How to Apply:

If you are eligible, then without wasting your time, you should apply right away. The application process may seems complex. However step by step instruction provided here make the application process easy. Click on the link below to get the step by step instruction.

Step by Step Instruction


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