International Leader of Tomorrow Award- How to Apply

International Leader of Tomorrow Award is a scholarship award for undergraduate students. Undergraduate students who have admitted in University of British Columbia, Canada or want to get admitted in University of British Columbia, Canada can apply for this scholarship. But there is a restriction. Only international students can apply. There are scholarship opportunities for National students as well as for permanent residents. However, this specific opportunity is only for international students. There are several steps of application of this scholarship. Follow the instruction below to make the application process successful and do in a easy manner.

  1. Arrange all of your academic transcript and ready scanned copy of those.
  2. Do same for the other achievement you have
  3. Arrange Government Issued verified annual income information of your family
  4. Now write a Statement of Purpose to get admitted in University of British Columbia,Canada.

Once all of these are done. Apply for admission in University of British Columbia, Canada. Use the link provided below to apply directly from here:

Apply for Admission

During the application process, you’ll be asked whether you are interested in International Leader of Tomorrow Award. You put a ‘Yes’ there and upload the previously arranged documents. The application process is done!

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