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Information Technology Excellence Scholarship of Monash University

Information Technology now a days is one of the most demanding field in the job market. To earn the degree from one of the best institute, a large number of students apply in Monash University to get admitted in information technology. However, it is not surprising that education cost of Monash University is quite high. But they are always devoted to help the students who cannot effort to pay but have the merit to earn degree with heavy success. Information Technology Excellence Scholarship is  a scholarship program under academic excellence scheme of Monash University. It is only for the student of the Information Technology department. In this article, application process, benefits of the scholarship and eligibility criteria of Information Technology Excellence Scholarship will be highlighted.

Benefits of Information Technology Excellence Scholarship of Monash University:

Information Technology is a subject which consists of vast knowledge of computer science and the application of computer. Students of Information Technology have to learn a lot and understand a vast amount of concepts to do well in information technology. So it is always  good to keep oneself calm and quiet do well in Information Technology. However, the worries about education costs and tuition fees may harm the peace of the mind of the Information Technology students. Benefits of Information Technology Excellence Scholarship can the student here. Because of wide variety of benefits, it helps the students from all different directions. The benefits of Benefits of Information Technology Excellence Scholarship are given below:

  • $24,000 paid in 4 years. ( $6000 per year)
  • Special facilities to do researches on information technology
  • Information Technology related job opportunity within university campus
  • Direct of mentors in academic difficulties

Benefits of Information Technology Excellence Scholarship is not just about money. It is more than just amount paid as a scholarship. Along with honor and respect, Benefits of Information Technology Excellence Scholarship brings all kind of benefits a student may desire of.

Eligibility of Information Technology Excellence Scholarship of Monash University:

Getting an scholarship is never easy. When it is a scholarship like information technology excellency scholarship, it is more difficult. Because the more the attractive the scholarship scheme, the more the completion arouses for that scholarship. Because of wide range of benefits of information technology excellency scholarship, the competition is also very rough and tough. Even, only to be eligible for the scholarship, application student has to prove a series of qualities. Let’s look at the eligibility criteria of information technology excellency scholarship.

  • Applicant must be an Australian citizen or New Zealand citizen.
  • For international students, they must possess permanent resident-ship or a humanitarian resident-ship visa
  • Education background must comply with the 12 years education system of Australia
  • Minimum ATAR of 95.00 (eligible TAFE students must have a minimum of a High Distinction GPA or Weighted Average Mark (WAM) of 80 per cent for a Diploma-level qualification).
  • Applicant must apply in School of Information Technology and must be eligible to get admitted.

Once a student is eligible, only then his application is considered. A student who is not eligible, his application is not considered. However, eligibility doesn’t mean the guarantee of scholarship. It is a mandatory step to be in the scholarship competition.

How to apply:

To apply for Information Technology Excellence Scholarship, applicant doesn’t need to apply separately. To make it easy and simple, there is separate monitoring system, as a part of admission system of Monash University, which monitors the scholarship eligibility of the applicant. If a student is eligible for a particular type of scholarship scheme, then he is considered as a participant for the scholarship. No separate application process or formalities are required for application of Information Technology Excellence Scholarship.

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